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9th Annual DC Love Locs Expo!

9th Annual DC Love Locs Expo!

Please pan to join us,we will have great vendors,great entertainment,great food,great workshops and will end with a fabulous fashion and hair show!


Exciting News for the 9th Annual DC Love Locs & Natural Hair Show April 2014

Hey everybody,

We have some exciting news for the upcoming DC Love Locs & Natural Hair Show  … we have secured a new location! The 9th Annual DC Love Locs & Natural Hair Show will be held at 2700 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave, SE Washington, DC 20032. This new location is elegant, very spacious and includes free parking. We are very excited about this year’s location.

For those who have received flyers or promotional material prior to this announcement – please make a note of the location change. The date and time on those advertisements is still correct  (April 19, 2014 from 12-7pm).

Again we have been getting several requests for 9th Annual DC Love Locs & Natural Hair Show information – so people are excited with anticipation. For those interested in reserving vendor spaces the application is below.

*** Please copy and paste the application onto a Word document and mail in the bottom half of the application (portion in bold) to the address listed along with your payment to secure your spot. ***

DC Love Locs & Naturl Hair Expo 2014


Due Dates – The total amount of Booth Rent to reserve a space must be submitted with this signed Agreement by Saturday, April 5, 2014.  Spaces assigned with full payment only.  First pay, first assigned procedure applies.  The balance is due 14 days before each show date.  A payment on the day of the DC Love Locs & Natural Hair Show, April 19, 2014 will be assessed a fee of an additional $25.00.  Money orders or bank / cashiers check will be accepted.  Please make payment to:

Asaze Natural Hair

4404 Ord St., NE

Washington, DC 20019


BOOTH RENT:           $150.00           (10ft table will be provided)

All items must be displayed and sold from the table.

NOTE: Exhibitor must supply table covering large enough to extend to the ground.


SET UP TIME: TWO HOURS PRIOR TO The DC Love Locs & Natural Hair Show.  THERE WILL BE NO UNLOADING OF BOXES, RACKS, DOLLIES, AFTER SHOW HAS OPENED.  The booth rent will not be refunded.

AN EXHIBITOR will not assign or sublet this lease or contract without prior approval of the SPONSOR.  Only one exhibitor will be permitted in each space unless approved by SPONSOR.  Failure to inform SPONSOR will result in immediate ejection from DC Love Locs & Natural Hair Show.

THE SPONSOR reserves the right to reject an application at any time before DC Love Locs & Natural Hair Show for reasons at SPONSOR’S discretion.

THE SPONSOR reserves the right to make such changes and further rules and regulations regarding the DC Love Locs & Natural Hair Show as it, in its sole discretion, deems necessary and upon notice to the EXHIBITOR, all said action shall become part of this lease and binding on all parties.

THE EXHIBITOR will indemnify SPONSOR, its agents, representatives, affiliates, security and successors from any liability arising from the loss, theft, or damage to EXHIBITOR’s good, literature, promotional materials, or personal property, or the person or property of third parties caused by EXHIBITOR’s actions or goods sold.

THE   SPONSOR will do whatever is necessary to   have a successful DC Love Locs & Natural Hair Show event!

Asaze Natural Hair will not be   held liable to refund any payment in the event of a circumstance or   circumstances beyond the control of the SPONSOR (i.e., inclement weather,   condition of the facilities, circumstances of EXHIBITOR, etc.


Print   Name:   __________________________________________________________________________


Signature:   ___________________________________________________________________________


Date:   _______________     Amount Enclosed $   _______________    Balance Due $   _______________